Request stake pool name refresh in Daeladus? (SMASH)

How do I get my SKULL pool listed I changed the name a few days, wondering if I can get a manual refresh have someone with 19K and 9K trying to stake to my pool and frustrated they dont see me.

I think first go through this support article to be sure everything is ok

Then contact the support team if still you have issues:

Im showing up fine in Yoroi but my friend is annoying and wont use it.

I might of messed it up with the bytes, even though I verified it working before I sent my cert.

cardano-cli shelley stake-pool metadata-hash --pool-metadata-file p.json
WARNING: The “shelley” subcommand is now deprecated and will be removed in the future. Please use the top-level commands instead.
Shelley command failed: stake-pool metadata-hash Error: Error validating stake pool metadata: Stake pool metadata must consist of at most 512 bytes, but it consists of 578 bytes.

Because I Have emojis in my p.json i verified it though before i submitted it this way

emoji is a set of characters which then renders as picture if app recognize it as emoji - but in a text these are just a regular characters - the problem seems that the file itself is too long… probably you can shorten the description of your pool

I resubmitted its 490 bytes made sure its well under neath . Maybe it was over and the verification allowed it to go through.