Querying the Cardano network for a specific NFT?

I have generated and minted a series of NFT’s on the Cardano network, some of them have a secret element in the metadata. I want to airdrop each user who holds one of these special NFT’s. Does anyone know how this could be done?

Have you tried cardanoscan.io ?

Thansk. Yeah, but you can’t search for specific NFT’s on there. You can search by TX ID but not the actual NFT which is frustrating.

You will need to walk the UTxO path from the minting Tx to each leaf UTxO. It should be doable using Blockfrost.

This is exactly the information I was hoping for, thanks very much.

Actually you can search by policy id, asset name, etc. If you want to see the meta data simply trace back to the minting transaction from there?

try using pool.pm

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You can use our public API to search for TX-Metadata

Example Query:

Read the following:

Find more on our Swagger API

Feel free to ask questions if you need support.

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