CIP5 - Common Bech32 Prefixes

Hello guys, a little CIP to agree on some bech32 prefixes and get consistency across various applications. So far, reflects the current state of things with cardano-node & Adrestia. Inputs are welcome!


If Cardano will support multiple assets would it be useful to encode what asset type is associated with a Bech32?

Maybe also for physical properties of address like tangem card / hardware device?

Yes indeed, I left a question mark in the spec currently regarding multi-assets. A default address for Ada that includes the currency would probably be nicer, so ada instead of addr.

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Update - This CIP has been merged in the CIP repository as Draft.
Thank you for looking at its content and providing feedback as it gets more fleshed out and worked on.

I would use ca and ta for addresses for saving some chars for achieving some compact QR code with some mixed mode.
Anyway, I would extend this CIP together with some token registration.
As they should use some CIP1852 like derivation path e.g. m/1852’/1815’/0’/

Coin Mainnet Testnet Staging Description
1815 ca ta sa Cardano ADA
12345 ct tt st Test token
31415927 pim pit pis Pi token