Core and relay communication

How do core and relay communicate with each other? What protocol is used?

This is related to the old Byron’s modified-Kademlia specification. Shelley uses very different in-house network stack. I cannot recall where to find it probably @rdlrt knows the link to the network-stack doc used in Shelley.

Pls note, P2P’s not enabled in the network stack, probably by q3, though I expected it to be enabled by the end of 2020, but it seems I was too optimistic with my “realistic” prediction.:):slight_smile:

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Found one, though I have the The Shelley Networking Protocol v1.0 doc too, but cannot recall where did I get that from.


Thanks for sharing, this is very helpful. Was searching for details on this a while back and failed.

Reinforces my view that Cardano needs a single wiki with all documentation…

I created some explanatory diagram of the network communications a while back

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Very helpful diagrams, nice work. Bookmarked.

You mean these? :slightly_smiling_face:
Network Design;
Shelley Networking Protocol;
Descriptive overview in comment