Cost of staking

When you say one time delegate fee of 2.17. Do you really mean one time never to pay again or just one for the pool you are delegating?

It would have been super helpful if this one time fee would have been in the delegating process. The way it is right now is a hidden (oh by the way) fee that you get find out about after you click confirm.

I just waste a few hours trying to figure out what this ADA Sent was of 2.17. I thought it was a dont tell the delegate how we really calculate our fee.

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2.17 ada is broken down as follows:
2 ada = one-time cost for acquiring delegation certificate for your wallet
0.17 ada = transaction fee*

*A fee of about 0.17 ada is charged for any transaction operation in Cardano (like sending ada or delegating to a pool). Likewise, changing pool delegation of your wallet is also just an operation of delegating to a pool, so you are only charged the 0.17 ada transaction fee (no need for the 2 ada cost as your wallet has delegation certificate already from your previous delegation).


@Ahmad_Alkilani , thanks for detailed explanations here. What if the pool was not able to mint even 1 block / epoch, where would that 340 ADA be deducted from?

No blocks = no rewards. Similarly pool fees are only ever deducted from rewards so if a pool doesn’t mint blocks it can’t get fees otherwise everyone would be going crazy creating pools just to collect fees from the treasury or worse yet, from delegators. Rest assured that’s not how it works. Minting a block and getting rewarded on that is the only way a pool can get fees paid.

CPX Pool

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Thanks again for the help!

Ahmad, thank you for the time you have put into answering all the questions. I’m new to the community and only have a few ADAs. Not much to save from unfortunately. 4 kids, wife, house etc have fees attached to them, just like crypto :wink: But what I’ve understood so far is that decentralization is the key to longevity for Cardano, and by staking in smaller pools you support that. So all this to say, I’ve staked my few coins in your pool. The return on them are so small that it doesn’t really matter if I get 4.xx or 5.xx % returns. So I’m with you and the best of luck with your work and life. Thanks!


روزتون بخیر
من چند تا سوال داشتم در خصوص استیکینگ اگر بتونید راهنمایی کنید بیار ممنون میشم
سوال اول؛ تو کیف پول yoroi که با لجر نانو وصل شده از کجا بهفمم که استیک کردنم تایید شده دو تا ادا به همراه کارمزد از من کم شده ، اون دو تا کی و چه جوری برمی گرده بهم الان که انتقال ادا رو می زنم ، اون دو تا رو به حساب نمیاره و از موجودیم کم کرده

سوال دوم؛ سلام اگه اتصال استخری که ما توش هستیم به نت قطع بشه یا مشکلی براش به وجود بیاد همه توکن ها از بین میره؟

Many thanks for your very easy-to-understand but still keep the original scenario accurate and clear. Best.

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So cool, thanks!

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