Delegation costs and Rewards

Nubie here. I’m curious about delegating. What is the “ecconomic” minimum to stake? How long is an epoch - days months etc?
I notice that the “costs” of staking is somewhere between 300 to 400 ADA.
I’m showing my support of CH’s goals by increasing my bag of ADA but haven’t gotten it up to 1000 yet so it seems, with the costs, I’d be loosing $$$$.?
Or am I missing something?

Technicly 0 but some wallets have a minimum to stake of 10 ADA.

1 epoch = 5 days

No you cant loose money when you delegate. The worst thing could happen is that you dont get any rewards due not functional pools.

Feel free to read more about the fee system here : Support FAQ

this is the pool cost - the ADA amount extracted before the rewards to be share with the delegators… only once/epoch - if the pool will create blocks

you, as a delegator will pay only 2 ADA + fees when you will register the stake key (2 ADA you will receive back when you will de-register the stake key)

Hey you Guys ! Thanks alot for your swift and concise answers.
Great help.

Thanks Aiex