Creating a DAO for investing

Hi all,
A friend and I are interested in creating a DAO as a type of investment fund. We envision it as a treasury holding a range of cryptoassets (e.g. ADA, BTC, ETH, XYZ etc.)

“Members” would buy in via native tokens and then be eligible for dividends/gains over time or could always sell their tokens on the open market if they want to get out.

A voting mechanism would enable the DAO to both vote on investments (e.g. should we buy 500 ADA at $1.42) or delegate their vote to others.

It’s just an idea now, so plenty of open questions but I’m also wondering if eventually there’d be a mechanism to actually trigger the actions, e.g. 51% vote for buying X amount more BTC and then via a smart contract, the trade is carried out.

Looking forward to ya’lls thoughts, criticisms or improvement ideas. In the end, it’s basically an old idea from legacy finance, implemented by new tech.