Cryptocurrencies, cardano and crimes

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As we all know cryptocurrencies today is a good space for ciminals. Is it possible on cardano
or other blockchains to revert transactions after being scammed or being paid for illegal things?


No thats not possible in a decentralized network.


But I have heard that binance can do that if the currency not left their blockchain

Yes thats because its not a decentralized network.


Yes. Do you know the rules they apply for doing that in detail?

Is it enough, when the sender of the transaction says: “I believe I was scammed! Please undo that!”? Has the receiver of the transaction the chance to say: “But I delivered the Lamborghini!”?

Or do they require some official order from some national government? If so, which governments’ orders do they take? Also from those governments that might consider the wrong sexual orientation or the wrong political affiliation a crime? What if the country is (like most countries) only half-unreliable, sometimes legitimately prosecuting actual fraud cases, sometimes prosecuting political enemies? Binance’s decision in the end?

I actually do trust banks and other finance companies (say PayPal) in the privileged countries a lot more regarding these questions than I trust Binance, a company which prefers to even be unclear about, where it is actually seated.

But, anyway, these questions can hardly be solved in a decentralised blockchain, where all pools (or miners if we talk about Bitcoin or Ethereum) would have to agree, how much proof they want to have in which way, before they do not accept a transaction for a certain address anymore – which also means they reject every block from a pool/miner that has accepted such a transaction.

It was one of the founding ideas of crypto currencies that transactions are irreversible, that there simply is no authority that can manipulate such things at will.


everywhere man can be scammed,

for many reason the current human should increase the basic knowledge she / he needs to survive.
the problem is not the tool, but we and how we use it.

for solving other problems, blockchain / transaction is not possible to be changed.

have a nice day,

but for example ebay purchases, paypal lock your funds and only after you recieve the correct item.

I already sent them disupte leter where I was scammed, everything is clear and all conversation with the scammer.

But that’s the traditional finance system. Sure, they can do stuff like that. And if all goes according to plan, that’s a huge advantage.

Crypto currencies were invented to replace that with a system were transactions cannot be undone. That’s mostly on purpose. If you don’t want it, you don’t want crypto currencies.

That being said, smart contracts might allow something akin to PayPal. But then you still need a third party that either signs off “I believe the seller that the goods were delivered. Money goes to the seller.” or “I believe the buyer that they did not get the goods. Money goes back to the buyer.”. No system can automatically decide, which of the two is true.

And, even then, you will still have the possibility to directly send coins to another address. And these transactions will never be reversible.

I don’t know programming and frankly did the best to read the room, rules, etiquette and more progressive tendencies evolved from my “forum days of yore. I have been so frustrated with the aforementioned Binance. I admit to being a completely ignorant “investor” but I’m also not an idiot.

Without too much Ancient Code, it has a feel like they package up my :poop: profile and sell away as everyone presumes. But given my neural field, we wonder if it’s sometimes just us vs ourselves? Then there is the actual code I don’t understand which I arrive at a derailment point so I won’t digress.

If there were efficient ways to neutralize volition psychologically then I think that would be an amazing detrrrent to whatever bad scoring looks like. Perhaps it is my own projection of how beautiful I found myself fractured in a games. Reliving my youth also is so very revealing, I don’t like how much Ada I have dumped in what I worry is indeed maybe not so relevant as my spider senses feel. I’ll just say ethical reasons has me stepping back in many aspects to observe and reorient to a world I have serious concerns about. I won’t let Binance just walk over me the best I can though. I don’t really hide but they didn’t answer my LinkedIn. Nor do any people in Ai. Shame. Tr3m0r98

Financial sovereignty is not something individuals have ever been equipped with in human history.

Most people have a hard time taking responsibility for the consequences of their own actions even for trivial decisions. The very concept of a fully decentralized finance system with no authority to control or protect the masses is both interesting and frightening in equal measure.

Imagine a world where government could not continually debase and inflate currency to cover up mistakes and instead were held accountable to actually resolve economic problems.

Imagine a world where ignorant people could invest money they needed for basic necessities into a dog meme with a few taps of a smart phone app after viewing advertisements.

Only one of these worlds exists with cryptocurrency thus far unfortunately …


“The very concept of a fully decentralised health system, where everybody is responsible for fixating their own broken bones instead of professionals doing it, is both interesting and frightening.”

I still can’t fully decide if the “decentralisation” is worth the disadvantages.

Since both points seem exaggerated on purpose, it’s probably not needed, but I can’t stand the “Inflation is a scandal.” reduction. Deflation is: “The rich get richer.” It is not better. Moderate inflation as it is the target in most privileged countries seems to be a rather stabilising and good thing. Sustainable pensions should be reached by a strong social security system financed by fair, but high taxes.


I just wondering how police can proof that man paid with crypto for drugs, guns or prostitutes ? when they pay in cash they can film it, take a picture or make sounds records, paying with crypto it is almost imposiple to spy these criminals

In many cases, they can’t. That’s why (some) criminals love (some) cryptos.

On the other hand, if the crime is severe enough, there are traces in the real world. They could find addresses on seized devices or transactions that can be linked to other actions of the involved people.

Not every jurisdiction requires “beyond reasonable doubt” for every conviction. That’s mostly an anglo-american/common law thing.

If there are strong indications that A murdered B’s spouse and that an address linked (with some probability) to B transferred coins to an address linked (with some probability) to A a short time after, that makes a pretty valid case.

These payments can be declared under complete different names, and they will struggle to find real criminal. I think these transactions in big sums must be legalized in some form of regulation, and revert if not legal. I cant send you just 1 bilion dollar for no reason in crypto when I pay you it for big island with infrastructure in real world. l think these meta data must match real world values in a future, because I sea posibilities of alot dark money flooding. Just feel the diferent when you make big money swift transaction and transaction in crypto, swift transaction now has the advantage because it is centralized

Yup, extreme exaggeration to illustrate the comical dichotomy between the ideal and the reality. I actually like your medical metaphor better. It succinctly points out the absurdity!

This is an off-topic debate in the making but while inflation due to supply and demand is not necessarily scandalous what has been happening around the world under the “fear of the day” excuse is quite different. The rich will always get richer. The poor will always get poorer. The problem with rampant inflation is eroding the buying power of the majority in the middle. For the working class in the United States if you did not get at least a 15% pay raise in 2021 then you are effectively that much poorer in 2022. This is significantly better than many other parts of the world due to USD being the unit of measure driving the world economy. Ask someone in Turkey or Argentina how inflation has stabilized their lives recently …


Apologize for misreading the room and foundation on this. I think I’m actually quite stereotypical in being ignorant to first world issues without a cultural competency of sorts. I’m not familiar with this format and thought I saw things I am realizing was quite misinformed and that is purely my ignorance. Cheers.

Reverting transactions in the crypto space is impossible. Binance as correctly mentioned is a centralized exchange.

Hopefully new insurance contracts available to individuals will provide some protection.

In the latest insurance convention I participated in Montreal we have raised the issue of providing insurance coverage under the “cyber attack” contract or under the “crime and fraudulent acts” contract.

I am pretty positive that with fellow underwriters we will structure new contracts that will cover also from fraudulent crypto transactions.

I don‘t want to live in world where I can not be scammed.

me neither,
for that reason i am happy we build a great tool.

but if you ask me more sophisticated, i will tell you whole life that we need education.

a civilization / community can live also without rules and laws, if there is principles and educated citizens.

if we speak for education in cardano,
learn how it works and support Single Pool Operators, Mission Driven Pools and for sure, dont forget to learn about how to secure your property.

have a nice day, and think before you print,
Thomas, pool operator for TTS17

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Hahaha. Scamming motivates us to improve)