Current state of Haskell (and Agda) development and deployment of smart contracts on Cardano

Hi, I’m sure this information exists somewhere, but I can’t find presently and want to avoid bugging developers on github unecessarily.

Is is currently possible to write application code in Haskell, compile a subset to Plutus, deploy the Plutus binary on the mainnet and then interact with the binary via some sort of api?

If not, when is this slated for support? What’s missing currently?

Goguen is not on mainnet, estimated to be Q1 2021


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Thanks, where is that image from?

But I should currently be able to do the above on the testnet, correct? I’ve been through the Plutus repo a couple times, is this done via the “playground” containers?

The slides are from the Cardano Virtual Summit (Shelley Edition). It was a Goguen presentation titled “Goguen Tokens Dapps and More” by Nebojsa Vojvodic and Micheal Pyton-Jones. You can watch it here:

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