Daedalus Terms and Conditions of Use


Hi, guys!

I have some ADA and I wanted to keep it for sometime, so I installed Daedalus an read it’s Terms and conditions of use. So from all of it I understood that there are no warranties about the safety of your tokens and actually the company has the right to suspend or end your access to the wallet at any time and with any reason and even without noticing…So I’m a little bit confused now. How is this making the wallet the most secure location for my ADA?


It sounds like standard boiler plate stuff. Do you think if Cardano took away people’s tokens for no good reason the community would stand for it?

They would be skewered.


How would Cardano proceed to control someone else wallet without their concent? Also, isn’t Daedalus just a frontend for cardano-sl, if so then why would they put that piece of text there?

I think PT_Cardano is right and this is probably some boilerplate text, but it would be nice to have some clarifications from the foundation.

(this is kinda funny because IOHK is also behind Ethereum Classic)

  1. Termination

This Agreement is effective upon User’s acceptance as set forth herein and shall continue in full force so long as User engages in any access, use or installation of the Software. Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without notice, at any time and for any reason, to: (a) remove or disable access to all or any portion of the Software; (b) suspend User’s access to or use of all or any portion of the Software; and © terminate this Agreement.

This is the point in the terms. I hope it’s just a boilerplate, but I think there should be at least a notification if you haven’t done anything wrong or illegal and they decide to do something like this.