Developer Portal - Setup a Stake pool

Hi everybody

I am going through the stake pool course from Carlos which seems to be a bit outdated due to the alonzo upgrade. I finally come along step by step by using the update handbook entries.

But now i am stuck. When trying to register my stake adress on the testnet, i did not succeed to submit my transaction due to a “UtxoFailure (ValueNotConservedUTxO)” failure.

After after a long time of bragging if found out that i am able to submit my transaction when i do not deduct the “stakeAddressDeposit” although it is described in the documentation.

Now i am a bit confused. Can anybody give me some hints?

Is the calculation formula : funds - fee - stakAdressDeposit no longer correct? And if yes, where could I find such an information?

Please excuse me if i am posing dumb questions, but i am new to Cardano and feel a little bit lost.

Thanks and kind regards,


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Please use CoinCashew manual. I pretty sure 90% of pool operators used it and I used it too.

I have no problem to Register stake address by using this manual



Thank you very much for your quick reply. I will use coincashews guide to setup my pool.