Did Cardano beat Litecoin with the Tangem Card?

This news was kind of a shocker to me, did we really beat LTC in developing a crypto card? What am I missing? CF produced the Tangem card for ADA and I was not paying attention to other projects but did LTC have anything like Tangem before now? Or did Cardano beat them?

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Isn’t the tangem card more like a gift card?

it’s more like a hardware wallet, for smaller/temporary funds intended to be spent. they can pair with newer phones at the moment, and eventually POS systems.

they are like a bank note, in that the value is in the physical holding of the card (the key never leaves the device) … you need the card to spend the funds, if you lose the card, you lose the funds (like any $100 bill lost.)

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This is right on I think, in my mind, a person with this card could keep Cardano offline, and then make a purchase at an online shop through the app, so it is better than a banknote.

Also tangem makes wallets for all the big ceyptos.