Digest April 29, 2024: Cardano Welcomes PRAGMA, A Spotlight on Stake Pools: ZW3RK, Ambassador Stories

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Cardano Welcomes PRAGMA: An Open-Source MBO For Blockchain Software Development.

The Cardano Foundation, alongside key partners Blink Labs, dcSpark, Sundae Labs, and TxPipe, has recently unveiled PRAGMA – an open-source association dedicated to blockchain software development.

PRAGMA’s primary goal is to cultivate a thriving open-source ecosystem for Cardano. It aims to support existing projects and nurture their growth, providing a secure foundation and governance framework for blockchain software projects. PRAGMA emphasizes the power of shared expertise and open-source principles. For more information, read here.

A Spotlight on Stake Pools: ZW3RK

The Cardano Foundation’s “Spotlight on Stake Pools” series highlights the pivotal role played by stake pool operators (SPOs) within the Cardano ecosystem. Each installment dives into the unique insights of a specific SPO, showcasing how the Cardano Foundation delegation has empowered them to continue their operations and initiatives.

This installment features the ZW3RK stake pool, led by Moritz, who is a Haskell expert. The mission of the pool is to support the development of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) and expand the deployment of Haskell software. The pool contributes to the GHC’s CI infrastructure and supports other Haskell projects. It also provides pre-built static Cardano node packages for various platforms. For the full story on ZW3RK contributions and Moritz unique journey, read here.

Ambassador Stories, Journal #38, with Tim Brückmann

This week, we’re proud to once again present a new Ambassador Stories. This time we bring you the story of Tim Brückmann.

Tim recently joined the ranks of Cardano Ambassadors as a Meetup Organizer. He is the marketing mastermind behind IAMX, a pioneering Self-Sovereign Identity provider on Cardano. His unwavering dedication to the platform is evident in both his daily work and his successful organization of previous Cardano Meetups. As a newly appointed Cardano Ambassador, Tim is eager to contribute his skills and enthusiasm to furthering the growth of the Cardano ecosystem and is looking forward to connecting with you in his pursuit of this goal. Thank you, Tim, for your contributions!

The Ambassador Stories not only give insight into how Ambassadors contribute to the further advancement of our ecosystem, but also give you a small look into their personal lives. We hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as we did interviewing them.

Other Cardano Related News

  • This week, the Cardano community enjoyed several events that brought Community members together. First, BuilderFest in Toulouse, France, welcomed over 100 attendees from around the world for demos, project presentations, and technical discussions. Following Buildersfest, an exclusive DRep Workshop was organized at the same location. This event was live-streamed on the Cardano Community YouTube channel, with additional highlights shared across social media. Finally, Project Catalyst Fund 12 Workshops Groups launched successfully in Barcelona, gathering Cardano enthusiasts globally. Cardano Spot provided a livestream of the celebration.
  • Cardano Foundation recently conducted a survey to determine how SPOs conduct their activities in support of Cardano’s operational resilience. View here the results.
  • Deep Dive Into Cardano’s UTxO And Ethereum’s Account-Based Models Models. Source
  • Here’s a recent post from Frederik Gregaard on the significance of the Interim Constitution for Cardano’s decentralized governance journey. According to Frederik, this is more than just rules—it’s a blueprint for the future of Cardano!
  • Recently IOG has held an X Space discussing the importance of decentralization & challenges in achieving cross-chain interoperability in the cryptocurrency space. Source

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