Disbursement contribution approaches

:bust_in_silhouette: Disbursement contribution approaches are concerned with how knowledge, priorities, ideas and contribution information is submitted into the disbursement process - https://disbursement.treasuries.co/disbursement-approaches/contribution-approaches

:star: Independent submission processes helps contributors by reducing the time required for them to participate, making it simpler to make submissions that can add value and making the process more expressive so that the full range of ways someone might want to contribute are possible.

:potted_plant: An independent submissions approach can also help with:
:one: Increasing the flexibility of the system to experiment with disbursement decision approaches
:two: Increasing the opportunity for collaboration & feedback
:three: Enabling contributor specialisation
:four: Increasing the information flow & response speed
:five: Enabling contributors to immediately start building reputation
:six: Results in a better data structure for increasing usability, composability, reusability & maintainability

Any thoughts or feedback welcomed :+1:

Catalyst should ideally be implemented in a way that allows for independent submissions so then it is easier for the different decision approaches can be more easily experimented with in the future.

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