Do i need an external firewall like sophos home for better security?

Hey guys, i am new here… i was learning quite a time and successfully setup a cardano testnet pool. I want to migrate to the mainnet but i am not very sure that i have the right security settings. Also wanted to know if i have to setup an external firewall so i have a better security for my pool. I am using a separate internet for the pool and i can just allow the connection for the cardano node and nothing else… Is that a good security approach? Thank you

The coincashew guide to setting up a cardano stake pool has a great section on hardening a server from a security perspective and is a good resource:

There are numerous steps required to properly secure a pool, from things like air-gapped machines, to hardware wallets for pledge and indeed to controlling open ports with a firewall (typically UFW or firewalld or equivalent)

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