Do Shelley adresses have a builtin checksum?

If I remember correctly it is unlikely to create another valid bech32 address by making a typo? Do we have something like that with Shelley adresses?

Try restoring the wallet elsewhere (, Adalite, Daedalus, Nami wallet)

I don’t have a wallet/address issue. Instead, I’d like to know whether Shelley addresses are typo proof. i.e. is it possible to send ADA to an address that has a typo?

Don’t mistype the address or your ADA will disappear

Yes, the last several bytes of the serialized address are a checksum. (I can poke around and find the source code demonstrating this, if you want.) The individual components of the address (the payment key hash and the stake credential hash) don’t have their own individual checksums.

Here is a simple experiment: run cardano-cli query utxo with an address that has an UTxO; then change one of the numbers in the address to a different number. The cardano-cli tool will report that it is an invalid address. If other tools are sloppy in deserializing the address, they might not detect such a corruption, but cardano-cli and the Haskell Cardano codebase does detect it.

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Here are some more details from @AndrewWestberg

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