DReps Onboarding M1

Hi Cardano community, I’m so excited to announce the successfully completion of M1 of our proposal dubbed dRep Onboarding: Empowering Cardano Ghana Community Our recent events recorded over 100+ participants to learn about the concept of dReps, why delegate vote to a dRep and how to become a dRep. Participants were also taken through the beta testing of dRep platform develop by SanchoNet.

We throw more light on project catalyst and the need to be active participant in the Cardano ecosystem. The training were facilitated by three experienced educators; @seiduziblim, @chosenfintech who is Cardano Ambassador and Mustapha (soja).

You can find recordings of our preparations via the following links

Seidu, on the Delegated representative (dReps)

Mustapha, Cardano Ambassador on Cardano blockchian and project catalyst

Mustapha (Soja), on the roadmap of Cardano and how it is linked to dReps

#dRepsonboarding #CIP1694 voltaire

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