Driving Mass Adoption - Gaming


@Dealy14, very happy to hear about your new partnership that will allow you to move forward with your great idea and plans.

Are you still considering launching on Cardano? Or did we unfortunately lose this use case for the Cardano platform because of differences in social norms?


My brother is currently developing a game that will support ENJ coin transactions.
I can give a heads-up when he releases it if anyone wanna test it out.
It’s an old school 32 bit version of an Amiga game that he is working on. A lot of sentimental value there :smiley:


Sure thing.


Thanks @canopus and thanks for the note @Risus76.

I’m sure you can appreciate that I have limited time and budget. We’re in flight with Byteball, so expending resources on Cardano without much support, wouldn’t be wise.
Having said that, if Emurgo calls, I’ll answer :slight_smile: (dealy@progamesports.com)

I’m a HODler, so I’ll be here…


Yes, I can certainly appreciate your situation and dilemma. Nevertheless, your case brings up an important deficit with the current promotional/partnership mindset at Emurgo. Crypto/blockchain tech is to create an inclusive ecosystem that is not impeded by individual cultural biases or censorship. If Cardano is to become a global ecosystem, then Emurgo should also form, sponsor and encourage partnerships that will make this a reality regardless of individual or cultural norms.

I would greatly appreciate some feedback on this from @SebastienGllmt or @vantuz-subhuman at Emurgo or also from @cf_jonmoss or @cf_tom.kelly at CF. Thank you.


The best prediction of future behavior is past behavior. When i look here: https://www.stateofthedapps.com
I see gambling dominating dapps on eth, followed by games. Does it make sense both will dominate the Cardano dapps, initially anyway…?
Does a pokemon “mon” game seem like another popular/obvious option to play on Cardano? I dont play, but seeems like everyone does.

I have an idea around that one… a fun, commonly popular and timeless game would be a draw. Any idea around what putting something like etheremon or crtptokitties cost to produce? Just kicking the tires here for some knowledge.



Another resource on emerging multiplatform dapps:


idk, but you’d want to partner with someone who already has a top game out there, one strong winner is better than 5 mediocre. It should be game first, crypto second.


@risus76 Great response, agree! Been watching for a response…

Hoping we can find more use cases for Cardano. Carving out our lane to be P2P betting and eSports, which seems to be pretty fertile ground in the US.

Example: We ran a test ‘pick em’ contest for a Fortnite “contest” and got a huge response. Then, we ran a test contest for Madden, which was generated even more excitement, albeit local.


The US has a lot of state-by-state laws on gambling - correct?


Yes, see: https://www.legalsportsreport.com/sportsbetting-bill-tracker/

If you want state specific info, just let me know. I’m a WV and PA expert, but have some insight into the others…