DRMZ Academy - Smart Places (Ep.1)

In the inaugural episode of DRMZ Academy, Sean, from The Working Dead, and I dove into an enlightening conversation with Bjorn, the co-founder of Smart Places, which is at the forefront of integrating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies with the decentralized capabilities of the Cardano blockchain. This session provided a comprehensive look into the innovative AR/VR and socialfi platform that Smart Places is developing.

The discussion kicked off with an exploration of the project’s origin, detailing how Smart Places aims to blend digital interaction with real-world geography on the Cardano ecosystem. Bjorn shared the vision behind creating blockchain-based AR/VR environments and the potential these virtual land plots hold for community engagement and interaction.

A significant focus was on the upcoming $SPX liquidity bootstrapping event on Minswap, a critical milestone aimed at enhancing liquidity and fostering participation within the ecosystem. Bjorn outlined the mechanics of the event and its alignment with the broader goals of Smart Places to establish a vibrant and sustainable platform.

Further exciting news shared during the conversation was that Smart Places will be fully showcasing their platform during the Cardano Summit 2024 in October. This event will provide a significant opportunity for attendees to experience firsthand the advanced capabilities of the Smart Places AR/VR platform.

The conversation also delved into the tools and features being developed to empower plot holders, designed to enable real economic and social interactions in a virtual setting. These capabilities are set to transform how individuals interact with virtual spaces, making them more immersive, functional, and valuable.

This first episode of DRMZ Academy offered our audience a front-row seat to the cutting-edge developments in AR/VR on the Cardano blockchain, showcasing how projects like Smart Places are advancing technological boundaries and creating new opportunities for economic innovation and community building within the web3 space.

Join us in this groundbreaking episode of DRMZ Academy, where we explore how Smart Places is shaping the future of social and interactive spaces on Cardano.

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