Empowering the Cardano Community in Africa: A Summary of the 28th July Catalyst Africa Town Hall

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Hello Beautiful Cardano Community! Here’s a recap of the amazing 28th July 2023 Catalyst Africa Town Hall. As always, we started with our vibrant African Music playlist - a treat for the soul!

The meeting was centred around sharing insights on various proposals submitted to Project Catalyst. Catalyst Africa Town Hall proudly presented two of its own proposals. The first one, titled “Catalyst Africa Town Hall: Bridging the Gap for Continental Expansion,” aims to reach out to other African countries where awareness of Cardano is limited or nonexistent. You can find more details about this proposal on the provided link.

The second proposal, “Catalyst Africa Town Hall Operations,” is geared towards supporting the day-to-day operations of the town hall and taking care of essential digital subscriptions. Additionally, we aspire to extend our reach to communities lacking basic facilities like internet and electricity. Our vision is to establish a centre where these individuals can visit to join our virtual meetings.

The meeting also featured other passionate community members sharing their proposals. We highly encourage you to listen to the full recordings to get inspired by the incredible projects in our community.

Catalyst Africa Town Hall is devoted to simplifying blockchain concepts for novices and making strides in reaching grassroots levels. We’re committed to fostering understanding and embracing individuals from all walks of life. Together, we are creating an inclusive and impactful Cardano community. Let’s keep the momentum going!

The full recording of this meeting can be watched on Youtube via this link.

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