Energy consumption of the cardano network - new study from CBT

i’m new in this forum, i’m from greencryptoresearch and we want to make cryptocurrencies more transparent & more sustainable.
for this i’ve read the new Discussion Paper from CBT, the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (Discussion Paper Series Q3 2021) source: UCL CBT Discussion Paper Series | UCL Blockchain

in this paper they calculated a global power consumption for cardano in between 16269 - 497218 kW (0.016269 - 0.497218 GW)

Hoskinson once mentioned 6GWh of Power which is much more… source:

do you have any idea how Hoskinson got to this 6GWh or was it just to compare to Bitcoin and to show that its energy consumption is much less than Bitcoin?

thank you for this discussion, we’ll update the data in our Green Crypto Research Sustainable Score for Cardano on our Website.


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