Epoch 250, approx 2130 UTC spike in mempool txns: anyone care to comment?

Greetings beautiful people,

I wish to share an odd episode that occurred approximately 5 hours ago (~2130 UTC). This was an unusual spike in mempool txns reported in all our relays:

This was accompanied by an unusual loss of peer connections:

And a seemingly flat line (albeit short lived) in block-sync speed:

I have done some sifting through logs and found nothing sinister. Also, this seems to have been an isolated episode, and systems are running well since.

Has anyone else noticed something like this? Does anyone care to comment as to possible reasons?

All the best,


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Thank you for sharing that. I’m glad I’m not imagining things :smiley:

What was it? Do we know?

Meanwhile, let’s all celebrate :clinking_glasses: a new ATH for our beloved ADA​:rocket:

Tbh i don’t know what happened…
Yes, let’s celebrate,it’s just the begining :clinking_glasses: