ERC20++ send & pay

When Cardano develop their equivalent of an ERC20 token, please consider making it possible to pay for the transaction in another token, rather than ADA – ultimately it will be paid for using ADA, but from the user’s point of view it should be possible to hide the gas fee.

So for example, lets say I operate a website selling widgets – I have a button on my website for widgetX for $10 – The user taps on the button, Yoroi is pre-filled with 10 TUSD – perfect. That should be it, nothing else!!! no confusing GAS FEE.

The recipient (me, the vendor) should be able to elect to pay the ADA, from the 10 TUSD – it can be stipulated that at least 1 TUSD was sent, else reject transaction – please hide the ghastly gas fee, which is incomprehensible and user hostile.

Many thanks. :grinning:


I see something in Ethereum world called an ERC865, perhaps just nonsense idk. Promises exactly this, people want this.

They are partially looking into this from my take of the following