Error with jcli rest utxo command

I get the following error, but it doesn’t correspond with the current online docs( )?

jcli rest v0 utxo get --host “
error: The following required arguments were not provided:

The command you’re trying is old. The documentation site you’re checking is in-line with beta (0.6.5) , while command you’re trying to execute is nightly (0.7.0-rc7). Use github doco for the right version of syntax based on the version you’re running

I can find a fragment id by looking at the log messages(jcli rest v0 message logs -h ), but I’m not sure where to find the output-index?

example output:

  • fragment_id: a7ec1f38b31d0fd96227ac3241ec11269f9f188dd97e897f2bfcc331efc7cc68
    last_updated_at: “2019-11-13T03:35:46.295208809+00:00”
    received_at: “2019-11-13T03:34:52.330625421+00:00”
    received_from: Network
    block: 86bb13f0e86b43afb557cca60cffdf8f43dad1cad19c17cd87224e3d0308be6d
    date: “31.1620”