Hi - BP and Relay are fully synced but recently noticed both on BP and relays giving below errors below

“kind”:“ErrorPolicyTrace”,“event”:“ErrorPolicySuspendPeer (Just (ApplicationExceptionTrace (MuxError MuxBearerClosed “<socket: 44> closed when reading data, waiting on next header True”))) 20s 20s”},“sev”:“Warning”,“env”:“1.30.1:0fb43”

{“address”:“”,“kind”:“ErrorPolicyTrace”,“event”:“ErrorPolicySuspendPeer (Just (ApplicationExceptionTrace (MuxError MuxBearerClosed “<socket: 54> closed when reading data, waiting on next header True”))) 20s 20s”},“sev”:“Warning”,“env”:“1.30.1:0fb43”

Is this an issue and what does this mean ?

gLive looks Ok with plenty of peers for relay and BP has all relays.

Which version are u running, 1.30.1 right? And when exactly the logs started? Do u still see the logs?

Hi - yes its 1.30.1 [0fb43f4e]. yes still see it in the logs. Only have 24 hour logs.

BP gLive - should missed slot leader checks be so high >

Incremented during the epoch transition
How much RAM have the servers?

16GB for BP and 8GB on relay.

Any idea on the policy issue?

should be ok, on Producer you have enough RAM to set the TraceMempool to true ( to see the TX processed in glive)

go to configuration file → open config file → set TraceMempool to true → restart the node

as long the Producer is connected to Relays and processing TX should be fine

It is not minting any blocks. I was due today but nothing.

I can see any issues other than these errors.

Ports open
Can see relays on BP
Relays have 8-15 peers
There are TX
All synced

oooo, to create blocks you will need ADA to stake/delegated to ur pool… high stake = more chances to have blocks assigned.
what is the ticker?

also, check inside the config file, do you have this line?

< “TraceAcceptPolicy”: true,

Its LOVE2.

And have been get blocks just not sure what happened and due 3 blocks this epoch and missed one this morning.

Will do.

Once set what do I look for. Any chance you can share you config or best practice of what to reconfigure from default. I only do logging changes

hmmm, and how do you see the block in glive… missed?
did u changed something to your pool? it happened after the upgrade?

I see that starting with epoch 299 u didn’t created any blocks
U missed them or u didn’t had blocks assigned?

Did u rotated the KES recently?

Where do see blocked missed. I see 46 (0.05%) block checked missed)

I upgrade to 1.30.1 and the same time did Linux updates then got 1 block then nothing after.

I changed by KES yesterday but I missed blocks before this.

No this down is not included in the config

In conclusion, as long the Producer has peers IN/OUT and TX processed then it should be fine … for more details u should search for the missed slot inside the logs (perhaps u can find something related)

At the time of my block I got this on the BP and relays

{“thread”:“1863”,“loc”:null,“data”:{“peers”:[{“kind”:“FetchDecision declined”,“declined”:“FetchDeclineChainNotPlausible”,