Fixed: Building CardanoSL with nix on CentOS 7.4 - "error: /../default.nix" no such file or directory exists

**Fixed - problem was you have to run the nix-build command inside the cardano-sl folder…anywhere else and you hit this error! And waste tons of time looking for the missing default.nix…

Original: We’ve hit this error 2x now on two seperate build attempts on two brand new CentOS setups and servers.
Installed Nix via curl (succeeds)
Added the conf file with links to binary files
nix-build -A cardano-sl-static --cores 0 --max-jobs 2 --no-build-output --out-link master
and get:
error: getting status of ‘/home/%user%/default.nix’. No such file or directory exists.

(%user% = respective username on each server).

Two CentOS 7.4 servers both hit this, oddly the third did not though third was CentOS 6.9 though unclear if that’s the issue.

Any ideas or fixes for how to proceed?

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