For Mass adoption - Stake Pool allocation Advisory Services urgently needed for majority retail investors

I am a very keen supporter for the successful role-out of Staking in Cardano, however, I am no professional in investing; just trying to expand my investment options across different assets. Baring these in mind, my assessment is that Investors are going to very quickly become very tired and anxious about the demanding need to constantly review whether their staked pool is saturated/overly saturated leading to a decreasing returns compared to another pool.

I have been participating in changing stake pools and observing the movements of performance vs ROI vs Epoc blocks% vs Epoc Blocks, vs …etc in (itn_rewards_v1 Pools). The level of transparency made available, which is far greater than in Stock or Commodities markets makes it very difficult for any investor to monitor indefinitely on a daily basis, it is not practical for a vast majority of investors. A set-and-forget strategy is actually a very bad option. I have observed very substantial movements of staking so that a profitable pool one-day becomes saturated within 24hrs and its ROI plummets. I believe most average investors are reviewing all their share portfolios on a weekly or monthly or quarterly basis unless there were some unusual economic events…, you know…there are other important things to do in life other then watching crypto-tickers.

Need for Stake Pool allocation advisers (aka Fund allocation Advisers)
The emerging demand for this speciality advisory service will have very significant impacts on the mass adoption of Cardano Staking. Just as Funds Financial Advisers /Managers are the backbone of the majority of retail investors in the share markets, and property.

How could this be structure for Staking?

  1. The Stake Pool Allocation Specialists (SPAS). Investors could then sign-up with the SPAS as their clients for a fee paid in ADA. This would be a separate arrangement, not the responsibility of the Cardano Foundation, but could work with CF to establish some good corporate business practice standards. Initially, though, it could be just a registry with CF to gather the level of interest and viability of the concept (Proof of Concept)

  2. The services offered by SPAS would include
    a) Educational material about the Cardano project and Cardano Foundation long term goals
    b) Stake Pools and Staking in Cardano
    c) Risks and Rewards from Staking and how these can be managed
    d) For registered members of the SPAS, they get the daily recommendation report on where they should move their ADA including the returns, performance, saturation rates across competitive stakepool operators overtime, etc. This daily update the Investor only then needs to go to the staking screen and locate the recommended pool and re-assign to the new pool and go do whatever else.
    e) Other professional advisory services

Longer Term development for SPAS for sophisticated investors & retail investors
Similar to the work of existing Fund Managers, a facility to enable Crypto-investors to select an SPAS and assign an address which would enable the SPAS to manage the regular reallocation to the stakepools based on their data analytics & artificial Intelligence algorithms. Given that the SPAS cannot transfer the ADA out of the Wallets, there would be no potential losses to the client, on the benefit of a more profitable and efficient staking allocation process. This is a win-win for both the SPAS and the Investor.

So those who have these skills this is a perfect time to develop and offer these services during the Testnet phase. It would be great Proof-of-Concept sandbox for you and significant potential booster for mass adoption of Cardano as most investors have very superficial knowledge of Crypto let alone Cardano. SPAS could become the gateway into the Cardano Econsystem. The new investors will get experience the benefits while avoiding the pitfalls and scammers.

Go-o-o Cardano!