Framework languages for writing a DApp for cardano blockchain

I’m researching languages and environment within which to build a DApp for Cardano. I’m aware that Cardano has smart contract languages. However for the sake of building DAP UI, models, and other DApp components to interact with Cardano blockchain, I am a little lost. Obviously, security, performance, and development speed are some of the issues, I’m also considering. I’m not sure if there are DApp composing framework for Cardano developers. I’ve look at Hyperledger Composer. It seems pretty cool in aiding developer build DApp for Hyperledger. Does Cardano have anything similar now or in the pipeline? What is your recommendation for IDE, language, or framework to help a developers build DApp for Cardano? What is your take… Rust, Javascript, GO, Haskell, Java, C#, etc.?