Fresh build of 1.14.1 causes Could not resolve dependencies exception

Hi all,

first of all i’m super excited to get my first stake pool up and running however I have run into an issue even before I can get the binaries compiled. On a clean install of 1.14.1 I get ‘Could not resolve dependencies exception’

[root@ip-10-20-1-115 cardano-node]# cabal install cardano-node cardano-cli --     installdir="$HOME/.local/bin"
cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:
[__0] next goal: cardano-crypto-class (user goal)
[__0] rejecting: cardano-crypto-class-2.0.0 (conflict: pkg-config package
libsodium-any, not found in the pkg-config database)
[__0] fail (backjumping, conflict set: cardano-crypto-class)
After searching the rest of the dependency tree exhaustively, these were the
goals I've had most trouble fulfilling: cardano-crypto-class

Switching back to the 1.13.0 or the 1.13.0-rewards everything works fine - I am missing something here or anyone else faced this issue?

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Welcome @sionsmith to the community, it’s good to have you here, I’m sure someone will come along soon to help with your tech issue, again Welcome :vulcan_salute:

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Hi There
Please checkout the updated dependency guide here


I have updated a PR to update the documentation for building the latest 1.14.x version of the code: please can someone review and merge.

It is considered invalid because the method used by should not depend/use system libsodium, which is IOHK’s lesser of two approaches they recommend in the mentioned guide above.

Frankly both methods and build process is ridiculous! You do not need install GB’s of static binaries to compile something which could be a self contained binary and copied to target hosts / containers.

Can you please explain to me: Which requires a special fork of libsodium with the VRF code to be installed on the system which fork of libsodium should I use?

A much more suitable approach to building these binaries can be found here:

Do not trust third-party prebuilt binaries. Especially ones who advertise themselves as cardano-builder and behind the scenes are just providing prebuilt binaries.

The same entity was also responsible for raiding funds from faucet unethically before - thus, raising even more questions (in my view).

There will be prebuilt binaries with checksum from IOHK when they’re closer to releases, and there are hydra jobs from CI if you really want them.

The details regarding fork of libsodium are in readme of the repository.

So what’s the fix for this? I tried installing libsodium & libsodium-dev but it came back with:

“No package… available” for both

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Welcome Ian (@Ian_Noble) to the community, great to have you here.

@rdlrt I am using Packer and Ansibe to build and configure my AMI from source. I have pushed the role here:

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Thank you for this, I am new to cardano and was about to completely lose interest due in part to how much of a mess the tutorials are.