“Funny” Ethereum Transaction


Airdrop, no?

That transaction fee seems kind of high relative to the amount, no?

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Insane :slight_smile: some miner got lucky :))

Yikes. Talk about winning a lottery. It’s probably a pool and they could recover funds if the pool operators are known, no?

Long discussion here: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/asapta/someone_just_paid_2100_eth_for_transaction_fees/

TLDR: The speculation points to a miner laundering stolen ETH. Maybe QuadrigaCX ‘locked’ funds? :open_mouth:

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Nope. It doesnt

Come to think of it, with fixed uniform tx fees which are paid in ADA (not some kind of gas unit) Cardano users should be well protected.

Yet another reason it pays to think before building an important infrastructure.

I heard recently that back in the day engineers who built bridges in Europe were forced to live under their bridges for weeks with their family.

Compare that to crypto: an engineer makes an error, someone loses millions, no big deal.

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I’m in agreement with this. I like a lot of projects but Cardano does have the benefit of peer review. I only wish that patents were filed for on the technological advances, alogirithms, etc., brought about as the direct result of the team’s hard work.

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