Geographical location and stakepools?

Do Geographical location of stake pool have an importance for the network? and if so how do we define the geographical location.

For example, If I reside all year round in West Africa but run a stake pool on a European server, does that count an African or European stake pool ?

Should decentralisation be at the physical (serveur) level or at the identity (operator) level? and does this influence the ranking of the stake pool in iohk ranking?

Importance because earthquakes, fires, blackout etc.

The pools location, not the humans location…

Some have added their pools here on the map:

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What if all stake pool operator are citizen of the the Island of man, would that be a problem ? I mean what’s the point of having the best network decentralisation if its all controlled from one physical place?

Do you think that will happen?

I think it could in the same way that without incentive to avoid hash power concentration we have more than 2/3 of bitcoin mining power in China today.

This issue, needs to be addressed. It may be early and it would probably be possible later to add incentives to geographically and legally distribute pools. Still the earlier it is addressed the better I guess.

And I guess that if one would look at capital concentration, he would find high concentration in a few citizenship. My understanding is that Cardano is trying to foster decentralisation of the network infrastructure but also avoid too much ada concentration.

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