gLiveView missing some metrics

Hello all,
I have gLiveView on my block producer and in the BLOCK PRODUCTION section on the bottom I only see Leader, Adopted and Invalid.
I miss some values from the docu like missed, stolen, ghosted.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 13.47.38

Do I need more config in the env file or other apps installed? I only downloaded the gLiveView script.
Thx for the help

What happens if you click “v”?

If that doesnt solve the issue, you might want to ask here : Telegram: Contact @CardanoKoios

When I press v, nothing changes in the area. It shows some more lines in the other areas.

Is your node already fully synced?

Yes is full synced.
Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 16.52.26

Hm as i said, best to ask here : Telegram: Contact @CardanoKoios

Found the solution.
You need to install the from the Guild Operators Tools.
Then sync the database and the missing metrics will appear.

For someone new to the pool business, it’s hard to understand all the tools and what they’re for. :slight_smile:

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