gLiveView transaction definitions

I’ve not found any documentation on this so if it exists then please point me in that direction. What are the definitions of the “Total Tx” and “Pending Tx”? I’ve created a node on the mainnet and everything looks correct except those two values are zero. Does that indicate an issue with the node?

Screenshot 2021-10-19 123816

Check inside the config file if the TraceMempool is set to true, if not please set to true and restart the node

Total TX - are the total number of transaction processed
Pendinf TX - the transactions waiting to be processed

Thanks Alex! When I enabled TraceMempool and restarted the bp node the “Total Tx” and “Pending Tx” values were populated. Does that mean that gLiveView doesn’t display the transactions info when TraceMempool is false or that the pool isn’t processing transactions when TraceMempool is set to false?

Correct, it’s just the display option