Greetings everyone! Name is Kiko from San Diego

Greetings everyone!! Name is Kiko from San Diego… Hope to talk and meet many people from Cardano community…


Welcome Kiko!

Hi, Kiko,
Good to be enforced with brave new members, especially in these hard crypto times.
Warm welcome.

Hi @TrueZeiko and welcome to the forum

Hello and welcome @TrueZeiko :slight_smile:

Have you seen the San Diego meetup group? >>

I’ve seen the San Diego meetup group, thanks for making sure :slight_smile: Hope to see some fellow Cardano holders in the future

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Welcome @TrueZeiko :slight_smile:

Hello fellow Californian! Welcome to the party.

Hello, my name is Thomas and I am from San Diego too!

I’m new to the Cardano community as well. Nice to meet you.


Hello, Kiko. How are you? Welcome to join the Cardano Forum.

Most Welcome.