Greetings from Stuttgart, Germany

Hello Cardano Community.

My name is Felix, I’m a graphicdesigner and consider this the only solid project in cryptospace. Thats why I want to participate and help with whatever I can. So that this will be what Charles talks about, when he makes us dream about a positive future.

A few days ago I redesigned a part of the roadmap that kind of hit a nerve.
( / shameless plug)
Aaaand now I’m here to help, to learn, to be.



Welcome! :smiley:

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Welcome to the community!

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Welcome !..I am a big fan of Porsche’s, and someday will make it to the Stuttgart factory !

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Welcome to the community @Koutchinski, great to see you here. Again, kudos on your roadmap design!


Hi @Koutchinski and welcome to the forum

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Welcome to the community.

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Thank you <3

Welcome!! :smile:

Welcome @Koutchinski to Cardano Forum! :slight_smile:
Bisher wenig Schwaben in diesem Forum getroffen :smiley:

Have a great time