Has anyone used the update scripts from guild operators?

Our stake pool runs on the guild operators build/setup. I’ve always upgraded our nodes manually and I’ve never tried to use the built in upgrade scripts. I.E. when you load up gLiveView and it informs you that there is a newer version on the script and do you want to upgrade… I always say no. However I’m wondering if anyone has used these features to fully upgrade their node? Do their scripts also update the core as well? Is that just wishful thinking lol?


Yes there are alot of people using cntools and yes you can also update your nodes with their scripts.

./guild-deploy.sh -s d will usually update your nodes

However :

Hi All,

Support for node 8.9.x will temporaily continue on a seperate branch (status can monitored via PR - #1743 (Update configs and node version support for 8.9.0 by rdlrt · Pull Request #1743 · cardano-community/guild-operators · GitHub) ). Folks who’d like to test it should use -b node-8.9.0 flag, this version was marked ready for mainnet w/o downstream components - and thus, will not be merged to alpha/master for a few mainnet epochs. Note that the topology formats have changed as well as binary artefact file structure. Thus, you’d want to update your guild-deploy.sh , and update topology.json (either using -s f or simply downloading particular topology.json).

As always, recommend to test on testnet first, and use @CardanoStakepoolWorkgroup for node/config file format usage queries🙂


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Ha, go figure. Ok, Awesome. I appreciate the info!