Hello, chauey from USA and Vietnam. NinjaCodeGen


Hello all! Excited to participate in the Cardano ecosystem. I am working on a code generator called NinjaCodeGen and interested to see where it will fit in this new blockchain age. http://NinjaCodeGen.com, It is mainly using Angular & Typescript and outputting also React and Vue. I used to work on a lot of .NET/C#, IT outsourcing, and worked at many companies like Microsoft, Fox, HP, SanDisk, Prudential, Wells Fargo, …


Welcome @chauey :slight_smile:


Greetings… is there a name for fans of Cardano? Cardanos? Cardanian? Candanoians? Cards? Many of these names and website are so long and split up, I wonder if will change to something shorter and easier and more consistent for marketing?


Hey @chauey, welcome to Cardano :cardano:


Thanks, looking forward to learning more!