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Good evening,

I’m from argentina and I’m currently a PhD students in philosophy of science. My subject is on problem solving in computer programming. Since a few years I’m following the ongoing of criptos and I was pretty sceptics abouts their results until I knew about ADA. I like the plan and I decided to invest a small amount (I don’t have any scholarship but a small job) to better understand the process and maybe to have made a good bet in long term even if my investment is nothing compare to all of you.

I hope you well,




Welcome to the forum @Khundar. HODL ADA.:grinning: I just deposited my first Ada to my Daedalus wallet myself and was also very skeptical of cryptocurrencies at first. Your investment size is not important, only the fact that you are investing!!!


Welcome :soccer:

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Thanks! i will do my best to contribute with the project!