Help on deciphering error msg on Submit Transaction for Pool Registration - StakePoolCostTooLowPOOL

Using node version 1.27.0, I’m trying to submit a transaction for pool registration. I’m just following instruction from Stake Pool Course documentation.

I’m made a pledge of 2000 ADA and the transaction submitted is returning an error which I’m fully understanding.

Anybody worked their way through a similar issue?

Command failed: transaction submit  Error: Error while submitting tx: ShelleyTxValidationError ShelleyBasedEraMary (ApplyTxError [UtxowFailure (UtxoFailure (ValueNotConservedUTxO (Value 2899825391 (fromList [])) (Value 3399825391 (fromList [])))),DelegsFailure (DelplFailure (PoolFailure (StakePoolCostTooLowPOOL (Coin 0) (Coin 340000000))))])

      Starting Balance: 2899.825391
Total Transaction Cost: 2500.194013
         Transfer Amount: 2500
            Transfer fee: 0.194013
               Deposit: 500
         Ending Balance: 399.631378

cardano-cli transaction build-raw --tx-in 649ff43da8acf07ea9cda7ade34fe93962eead6f38e61ebca59e843139104ff2#1 --tx-in 5c256d0218ca6be3f37822edf631e8c66096b39347c4a2e89036017e4d83f332#0 --tx-in b58bd541effdaf5fd7e10b9db579d05f794ff6635332c3f79dae77bad01318e5#0 --tx-out addr_test1qqankamr0anwe7l7wlkjk2ldhf9qnpjmuv3cs66j8jactzlcr5h0jd2cg5xpsg0kxk093lv6kx89cygvtksh9243jhcqcnfw6l+2500000000 --tx-out addr_test1vqankamr0anwe7l7wlkjk2ldhf9qnpjmuv3cs66j8jactzc30weuc+399631378 --ttl 29269387 --fee 194013 --certificate-file pool-registration.cert --certificate-file delegation.cert --out-file tx.raw *> errorRslt.txt


Pool cost should be 340 ADA:

Thanks, laplasz.

I believe I understand. The submit of the Pool registration transaction is missing the pool cost parameter with 340 ADA being the minimum. Is this the typical value all pools register as their cost? If the hosting cost is say $100 per month, then the baseline cost would be approximately 5x340 ADA?


The cost is 340 for everyone right now - so what the pool can get as additional cost is the variable fee.

Hi and Thanks. I was expecting the cost numbers to reflect the approximate hosting cost of the servers.

Looking at how existing pools are set up in, I see the cost parameters are primarily set to attract others to delegate to their pool.

As for 340 ADA per epoch with fixed cost of $1.50 per ADA, by my math it is saying the hosting cost is in the neighborhood $510 dollars per epoch or $2,550 per month for hosting cost. I’m pretty sure one could host 2 servers for about $17 per epoch or about $75 per month for 2 servers. I’m stating where my mind is at and not that it is in the right place. I’ll go with 340 ADA since that is the minimum.

I likely over looked the documentation but I don’t recall the example transaction using the --pool-cost parameter.

Again Thanks for you help.

My script that is generating the pool registration-certificate is doing something wrong. I did find -pool-cost parameter in the example transaction documentation.

Get the protocol file:
There is a parameter:
"minPoolCost": 340000000

So you have to provide this amount.
What is the error now?

The powershell script was casting --pool-cost to an integer and I simply didn’t reference the correct variable name when creating the delegate certificate.

I’ll retry submitting the transaction sometime today or tomorrow.