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Welcome to Cardano Forum @Yu_Wang :+1:

Nice to meet you.

I had been living in Mainz, Germany before. Really like there.

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Oh that’s great. Are you still living in Mainz? This forum also have German section as well if you are interested Deutsch - Cardano Forum

If you have any question regarding Cardano, anybody in this forum will gladly help you.

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Living in New York now, and unfortunately, I do not speak German (I wish could :blush:).

I am interested into more theoretical concepts of Cardano, and some relation to abstract accounting.

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@Yu_Wang You can check this topic that I created (check the English link). You can read the basic guide there. Hope it will help you to understand the basic stuff.

Welcome aboard, glade u are staying with us :slight_smile:



Tell me more of abstract accounting; what’s that?


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Hi jpsrrv,

Thanks for the message, and interested in the ‘abstract accounting’.

Well, i guess in most case when people view accounting is more like a set of ‘classification rules’ backed by lenghth opique legal language.

What i have been interested is not so much on those classifications, but arithmetics that under-pin every accounting standard in the world.

Put it more concrete: say compute P&L for trading crypto coins. One almost imediately think about ‘Subtract the balance/value of the coin’ between two different dates. However, this gets incorrect when there are buy/sell activity between the days. One typically would handle this by ‘oh, adding the fait in’. But, soon the appeared solution gets not work when one dealing with ‘swap one coin to another’.

Nevertheless, there is a completely straight forward arithmetic that can handle all cases uniformly - such a solution in fact already built in the basics of accounting.

I do feel those arithmetic natures of basic accounting are largely over-looked. I am working on a paper in my off-work time. If i successfully finish it, will post a link.


Michael (my english name)


Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Sorry for late reply. Being dragged much by real world life…

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By the way, there are also related things like ‘what is the proper interpretation of an account’, ‘what is the nature of credit vs debit’ – again in pure arithmetic sense, agnositic to socialogical meaning.

Hello, @Yu_Wang. Welcome to the Cardano Community.

Welcome to the Cardano community @Yu_Wang (Michael) !

I look forward to reading your post regarding your paper. Best of luck!

Cheers from California.