Hi from Greece!

Hello everyone from Greece!
It’s a pleasure to be part of the Cardano community.


Welcome aboard skeptocrypto! It is a pleasure to have you here.

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Hello back from Canada! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Great to see another join this great community…All the best!

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Hello back to Greece from Germany. What’a about your name “skeptocrypto”?

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@CardanoUmbrella It’s great to be here. Looking fwd to many great things in the cardano community. The future’s so bright we got to wear shades.
@Herr_Rossi well, i’m a skeptic at heart. I take everything under consideration and try to make intelligent decisions after deliberate thought, at best. So, I used two greek words merged into one. Crypto from cryptography, which means secret and, skepto which means thought. If that makes any sense. :wink:
@CryptoFox Thank you so much for the warm welcome. Send you back the sincerest of wishes. Great to be part of this community.