Hi!I am an artist from Canada and China

I am enthusiasistic to watch the great reform by block chain,cryptocurrencies to the whole civilization of human beings!

I fell in love with Cardano when I have the first glance to it because I feel the pulse of a new world which happen many huge changes of future.

It is my pleasure to observe,record and participate in the great career.


Welcome @Annie :slight_smile:


Hi @Annie, I used to work with artists, doing graphic art reproduction, artists are some of my favourite people! :blush:

It’s true that artists are other kind of nerds as well as scientists.:grin:

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Hey @Annie it’s nice to have artists here :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum

Welcome! You are home :smiley:

I am attracted by the images of Byron,Shelley,Voltaire and Basho because I write poems too:grin:



Welcome…and hi from Australia what kind of art?

hello!I write poems and translate poems.