Hi! I am Edison from Ecuador


Hi everyone, very excited to be here.
I am an Ecuadorian living in the Netherlands, who was very impressed with the Cardano project some weeks ago, I think Cardano will be an important player in this ecosystem soon. I am a Mathematician and Ph.D. Computer Scientist specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Declarative/Logic Languages, and as soon as I saw the videos and read the material available on Internet, I realize the high technical level of the people involved in the project, they mention things that I’ve heard when I was a PhD student, like static analysis, run-time verification, high-quality standard, but also the fact that they use a dialect of Haskell triggered my interests in the project from a technical point of view.
I hope that my contribution to this community will be valuable.


Hello and welcome @Edison ! Liking the sound of your expertise… I’m an avid reader of AI articles at the moment.

Thanks for being here and contributing!


Thanks, I also like to read about AI.