Highlights from the Catalyst Africa Townhall Inaugural Meeting 2024

The Catalyst Africa Townhall resumed its vibrant discussions on January 12th, 2024, following the New Year’s break. The meeting served as a platform to reflect on recent achievements, discuss ongoing projects, and unveil exciting innovations within Africa’s burgeoning tech ecosystem.

A Recap of the Cardano Expansion Meet-up in the Democratic Republic of Congo:
One of the focal points of the meeting was a comprehensive update on the recent Cardano Expansion Meet-up held in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Community Lead for the event delivered a compelling presentation, highlighting the enthusiastic response from students and the community at large. The event not only showcased Cardano’s potential but also sparked a newfound interest among students, fostering a deeper engagement with blockchain technology.

Amidst the discussions, the community received updates on Project Catalyst, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering innovators across Africa. The voting period for Project Catalyst projects was a key focus, demonstrating the community’s active participation in shaping the future of African innovation.

A standout moment of the meeting was the unveiling of an innovative concept by one of the community members, Mr. Nzola. Mr. Nzola introduced ‘Internet in a Box,’ a groundbreaking device designed to bring internet connectivity to remote areas across Africa.

This localized server, loaded with educational resources and data, promises to revolutionize access to information, particularly for students striving to learn and conduct research in areas with limited internet connectivity.

The meeting served as a testament to the catalytic power of collaboration and innovation within the Catalyst Africa community. From fostering educational opportunities to democratizing access to technology, each initiative showcased the transformative potential of African-led innovation.

In the spirit of transparency and accessibility, the meeting was recorded and made available on the Catalyst Africa YouTube channel. This commitment to open dialogue and knowledge sharing ensures that insights and discussions reach a broader audience, inspiring further engagement and collaboration.


Always great to see the growth of the African community! I’d be interested in hearing more about “Internet in a box”. Perhaps it could be a good project to showcase on one of our Ambassador calls?

Hi Andrew, thanks for your kind words. The Internet in a Box is one of the most amazing projects I have come across. Kindly let me know when we can have this presentation and I shall inform the project owner respectively. Thank you for your Support.

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