How often a slot assigned to more pools

recently 3 of my block creations were not validated because the slots assigned to other nodes as well and they “win” the slot battle against my node. Here is an example:

- created_at_time: "2020-02-13T19:13:50.255196757+00:00"
  enclave_leader_id: 1
  finished_at_time: "2020-02-13T21:03:45.005768607+00:00"
  scheduled_at_date: "62.3304"
  scheduled_at_time: "2020-02-13T21:03:45+00:00"
      block: 8243ad10af7d3d333460b9480f12360a9b8076ccae693def8423bf1df913bfd4
      chain_length: 197095
  wake_at_time: "2020-02-13T21:03:45.001363275+00:00"

and here is the link for the validated block. Same slot.
So the question is that how often there is a slot battle? if my block validated - that means that I won a slot battle? you can see battles listed on