How safe is Daedalus?

Hello, how safe is Deadalus compared to storing in a hardware wallet?

I assume it is less safe, because Deadalus is on a connected computer.

Has there been any security issues with Deadalus users?


Yes hardware wallets are safer.

To the best of my knowledge there have been no losses due to Daedalus itself, but like any other software it is vulnerable to some types of attack. There have been losses due to targetted malware. Everyone always needs to pay attention to basic computer security!


Thanks for your feedback Rob!

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Never had an issue with Daedalus or Yoroi, I keep some on paper wallets as well.
They are also suppose to have staking available for paper wallets.

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Yes, paper wallet! I can also stake them at the same time. Thank you for the idea!

Do you know, if I have them on paper wallet, will i need to bring them live again when staking comes?

I don’t think you need to bring them live. Maybe someone can confirm this?

If you want to participate in staking (and who doesn’t?) you need to import your old paper wallet and create a new one. Because to delegate your stake you need a staking key.

“Post-Shelley” paper wallets will derive a staking key from your private key and store them in Daedalus. While your private key is still stored on the (new) paper wallet, you can use Daedalus to delegate the funds of the paper wallet without touching it.

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Awesome, thanks @adatainment.

Love all the work that you do btw!

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