How to create a Multi-Sig DRep

Multi-sig DReps opens a world of possibilities for DAOs and organizations. Here’s how to build a multi-sig DRep with the CLl, step by step:

First, build your DRep key pairs…

Then, generate a key hash from your DRep verification key that you will then use in your script. (Ask the other signers to do the same)

Then, build your DRep multi-sig script like this :point_down:. Make sure to mention how many signature you would like to be required. In this example 2 of 3 signatures are required.

If you want all signature to be mandatory for the vote to be valid, replace “atLeast” by “all” and remove “required”: 2
like this :smiley::point_down:

When your script is ready, generate a script hash from it. :point_down:

Now that you have your script hash, you are finaly ready to build your DRep registration certificate. :star_struck:

Now is the time to build your transaction to include your DRep certificate and your script.:smile::point_down:
In this case, we had 4 witness override:
:one: - my drep signing key
:two: - @AdamRusch drep signing key
:three: - the payment signing key (for the transaction)
:four: - And the script

Now that you have your “unsigned transaction”, (tx.raw), you will need to share it with the other signing members of your DAO. Then each one of them (including you) will generate a witness file by using your drep.skey.
:warning:Do not forget to do the same with your payment signing key.

Now is the time to assemble your final transaction with all the witness files you and your DAO friend generated. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::fist:

Submit your transaction on-chain and CONGRATULATION! You made it! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: :smiley::+1:
You can check if it worked using the 2 nd command :point_down: