How to find out if my pool has had any ADA delegated to it?

I have setup my pool (via the CoinCashew Guide)
Was just wondering what is the best way to keep track of any ADA that has been delegated to my pool? For example, I have had a friend delegate to my pool to the tune of a whopping 10ADA. How do I verify this?


On if you search your pool and there going to the delegators tab - it is a list contains the actual stake addresses and the amount.

that is what you are looking for?

1 Like works fine. Alternative I like personally is

Is there a way to get this information from the command line?

You could query the stake snapshot:
cardano-cli query stake-snapshot --stake-pool-id POOL_ID --mainnet

go is 2 epochs ago, set is 1 epoch ago, mark is before current epoch.

To query for more details like delegations I guess you can use the GraphQL api.

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You can also have a look at:
in your browser.

Ya, I’m looking into ways of directly querying the information so I can build a metrics dashboard into my staking pool website. I’m more interested in querying the blockchain directly versus using third-party systems to access information that’s already been transformed…and may be incorrect/delayed due to that third-party system processing, etc…

@Curtis_Paul have a look at GitHub - input-output-hk/cardano-db-sync: A component that follows the Cardano chain and stores blocks and transactions in PostgreSQL

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Ya, saw that. I may look at it’s data source calls. Not really interested in running a PostgreSQL server however the client end of it may be helpful information. I’m not even really all that sure what data I want to work with, so I might set it up on another node to experiment with…which I think is a requirement anyway…lol.

I was experimenting with cardano-cli last night and I kept running up memory consumption with it. Seems that cli tool needs a bit more work…lol. I have a feeling whatever monitoring/management tool I develop will need to run on it’s own server to keep from disrupting resources on actual pool related nodes. Or maybe it’s a matter of throttling cardano-node so it doesn’t’ consume memory on said management server.

You can also take a look at They have a free plan that might fit your requirements.

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