How to install and configure a Cardano Node?

Hi lovely Cardano Community,

I have created a tutorial to show you how to install a Cardano Node.

How to install a Cardano Node:

How to start a Cardano Node

Cardano Node synchronisation and monitoring


Official Guide:


I have also written a guide on how to install and run a cardano node:
cardano-howto/Setup a cardano-node at master · TerminadaPool/cardano-howto · GitHub

The guide shows how:

  1. The cardano-node software is built into a deb package which then allows easy install on any number of running machines.
  2. The building can be done on a separate machine to avoid installing compilers and entire build chain on running machines.
  3. bech32 and cardano-address binaries are also built into the deb package.
  4. There is no need for modification of library paths or user binary path variables.
  5. All libraries and binaries are stored in standard filesystem locations with future upgrades managed by the package manager. Debian / Ubuntu users can uninstall and upgrade in the standard way.

Alas, it is not an “Official Guide”.

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