How to mine that coin?

How do you mint that coin? I search the internet and only find unnecessary documentation that is not pertinent to my question! As a miner?

Hola Michel, please read a previously posted answer below taken from another thread:

I also strongly recommend that you browse our wiki, where we tackle the subject (scroll down to staking and delegation), I’ll give you the home page link so you can browse and find other info as well.

Basically you’ll need to join a staking pool, the number of coins you have in your Daedalus wallet will give you a proportional number of rights, and you will delegate these rights to a staking pool that will have the necessary set-up (24/7, security, fair distribution of servers throughout the world etc…) and stake your coins for you in exchange of a small fee. Your coins don’t move and always stay in your wallet, you just assign your rights to a pool.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of staking pools, List of Cardano / ADA staking pools (Unofficial)
IOHK received over 2000 applications. It is said that about 100 staking pools will be selected from of all these applications, depending on their quality.

@vantuz-subhuman has made this calculator so you can estimate your future profit. Most of us think it will be close to reality, however it’s not an official calculator, we are still waiting for official numbers.

Depending on if you own a large amount of ADA, it’s more interesting to stake solo and not join a pool, your ROI will be higher. What’s the exact threshold? No one knows at the moment as we are still waiting for final numbers to be released (probably around september).

Good luck!